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Camp 2018

The Paarl Junior Town Council went on an eye opening, inauguration camp early December 2018 during which our new grade 9 members teamed up with our second year councilors to learn, build bonds and ultimately grow to form an efficient and cooperative group of  young leaders.

The camp consisted of multiple tasks that lead our committees scattered across Paarl to broaden the perspective of each committee member’s respective field.

A “highlight’ of the camp was our seemingly impossible sleeping arrangement task… We were give limited building materials, such as black bags, newspapers and cardboard boxes to construct our own shelter to last one, moderately warm, summer night. This enabled us to realize how certain Paarl citizens have to live, and thus truly sympathize. Every night, even through the cold winter. This was in hope that we as a small group would be motivated to help and, as Mr Derek Swart (Principal of BHS) says, bring a positive change into a very negative world.

Our groups were also give a chance to discuss committee prospects and the general lookout onto 2019 in terms of what we can achieve to serve this town.

Keith Jonker (Gr 10)