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South African Youth Sharing Opinions

On 20 February 2019, inHarmonie together with the Advocacy Committee of Paarl Junior Town Council hosted a beautiful Youth Sharing Opinions evening, also known as The SAYSO.

High school youth of Paarl gathered at the La Rochelle Girls’ Primary School hall and shared their opinions with each other- from where they live, the colour of their skin, the different traditions in different cultures, to why certain brand names are more popular among certain groups… It was an eye-opener for some to listen to all the opinions that young people of Paarl shared to honestly.

inHarmonie provided the guest speakers: Ivor Swartz (who also camped with us last year) amongst others, who told their stories about their lives during Apartheid, and the journey thereafter. They spoke about the way they were treated just because of their race or culture. It was a difficult experience for them, but the persevered.

Most of the young people talked about how they felt about the Apartheid history and how the youth wants to grow stronger and proceed as one; to not judge anyone by their race or culture and to accept each other just as is.

SAYSO is a platform from where we discuss the differences between people, where we learn to always accept and appreciate each others’ opinions. It is good to speak about the history of South Africa, but we cannot cling to it any longer. We are in 2019 and heading towards 2020: A future we can cultivate. Let us, the youth of South Afica, take hands and grow strong together.

Mischke Malgas (Gr 10)